Hagenerin Jackie Bredie sings at “The Voice of Germany”

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DER WESTEN from 14.10.2014
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A voice she has. And what a voice. A little rough. With a lot of soul. Jackie Bredie who lives in Germany -Hagen- sings next Thursday at “The Voice of Germany” Channel Pro 7. Whether this is the beginning of a musical surprise? Jackie Bredie keeps it secret.

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She has such a sweet accent and as a charming smile. This won´t help her with this performance. For Stefanie Kloß (Silber Mond), Michi Beck and Smudo (Die fantastischen Vier), Rea Garvey and Samu Haber (Sunrise Avenue) are sitting with their back to the stage. They can’t see the candidates. They only listen. What matters is nothing but the voice. Jackie Bredie’s voice and the voices of all the other singers of the music show „The Voice of Germany“.

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